At Liquid Mango, our vision is to change the way businesses personally connect and build relationships online. It’s something we’re deeply passionate about.

Our Influencer Series is a collection of interviews with world-class leaders who are making a difference and achieving extraordinary success. Their stories contain business insights and advice that will help you build a thriving online community for your business.

We hope you enjoy these remarkable stories.

Alexx StuartAlexx Stuart has shaken up the health and wellbeing space and continues to make a global impact on the lives of men, women, children and families around the world through her website, blog, e-courses, books and podcast. I had the pleasure of meeting Alexx about four years ago and in that time she has changed the way I look at food, nutrition, and in particular the chemicals we’re faced with on a daily basis in the food we consume and in the products we put on our skin. Alexx is an entrepreneur, publisher, best-selling author, speaker and a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Day Ambassador. She is an incredibly generous and passionate woman who is on a mission to share the importance of living a low tox life. Alexx spoke to me about her mission and the role social media has played in her story.

Interview Four: Alexx Stuart talks about living a low tox life and the impact of social media


Olivia RuelloBusiness Chicks embodies relationships, community, innovation and positive change. Imagine having the opportunity to inspire, support, educate and change the lives of thousands of women and men across Australia and the US every day. Having been a member of Business Chicks for  five years, I’ve experienced extraordinary moments and met some truly incredible people. Business Chicks is a thriving community of which I’m really proud to be part of. I spoke to Australian CEO, Olivia Ruello about Business Chicks, social media and the incredible power of community.

Interview Three: Olivia Ruello talks Business Chicks, customer experience, social media and the power of community


Mellissah SmithMellissah Smith is a global leader, marketing expert, author, writer, public speaker and technology innovator. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Marketing Eye, which she’s taken from startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise with offices in Australia and the US. Mellissah is also the Editor in Chief of Marketing Eye Magazine and the Founder of The World Incubator. I truly admire and respect Mellissah for what she has achieved. She is an incredibly generous, kind, game-changing entrepreneur who has disrupted the marketing industry and is making a real difference to the lives of others in Australia and overseas.

Interview Two: Mellissah Smith talks social media, marketing and innovation


Ted RubinMany of you would have heard me talk about Ted Rubin and his book, Return on Relationship. Ted is a world leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators and in March 2009 Ted started using and evangelising the term ROR: Return on Relationship™. ROR is the basis of Ted’s philosophy… It’s All About Relationships!’

Interview One: Ted Rubin talks about Return on Relationship and the importance of connection