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Liquid Mango is a Sydney-based social media consultancy with a vision is to change the way small businesses personally connect and build relationships online.

Belonging to a community is a fundamental human need and essential to our happiness and wellbeing.

Whether it’s in real life or online, a community offers a support network for like-minded people with similar goals and aspirations. It allows a group of people to become more than just the sum of their parts—together they can connect, start meaningful conversations, share ideas and get creative.

Building an active and engaged community in business is no different to establishing a relationship in your personal life. You need to listen, respect and understand your clients, staff, suppliers, local community and other stakeholders before trust is developed.

We firmly believe that relationships are the difference between being invisible and making your mark online.


Who we work with

We work with serviced based small businesses who are ready to build, activate and transform their online communities using proven social media strategies on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.


Core values

Our core values underpin everything we do from our business strategies and the decisions we make to the people within our team and the clients we work with.


We value:

  • Connection
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Generosity
  • Growth
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Passion
  • Respect


Debra Sinclair

Debra Sinclair, Founder and Director

As a Social Media Strategist and Community Builder, Debra Sinclair has a reputation for building, activating and transforming online communities that deliver results to SMEs.

Debra has worked with a diverse client base, from entrepreneurs and business owners to not-for-profits with dramatic results, including increased brand awareness, engagement, customer service, inbound traffic and productivity.

A snapshot of Debra’s clients includes Universal Robots, Bowls NSW, Castle Hill RSL Group, buildBITS.com.au, Turrell Building and She Business. Debra has also provided consulting and mentoring to entrepreneurs and small business owners within the fashion, health, human resources, business coaching, natural therapies, public relations, advertising, marketing, building and property industries.

As the Founder and Director of Liquid Mango Consulting, Debra combines her social media, public relations, and corporate communications experience to guarantee optimal results for her clients. Adding to that, Debra worked in the television industry on programs like The Small Business Show and Business Sunday for Channel 9 and developed proven PR and communications strategies for SMEs as well as the City of Canada Bay Council and Fire & Rescue NSW.

Debra holds an Advanced Public Relations Certificate from TAFE NSW, a Masters Degree in Communication Management from UTS and has been featured in The Huffington Post Australia, Women Love Tech, Women In Focus and 50 Unsung Business Heroes.

Debra is renowned for her authenticity, creativity, and strategic focus.

If you're a small business owner with a service based business and you're ready to accelerate your success on social media, I'd love to hear from you.


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